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About the Books

Heroes and Villains



Career criminals and brothers,Dave and Dan Briggs, have committed one crime too many.

A public prosecutor they crossed, puts them in the sights of a vigilante group  with form of a different kind, serving Queen and Country. Theirs is a plan to inflict their own unique extreme brand of restorative justice on the Briggs'.

They have no idea how their world is about to change.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling ride through the wrong side of the law." 

     Sara Bodinar, Columnist. Nottingham Evening Post.

Available now

A Brush with the Enemy


Yvette Dubois fakes works of art.   

Ex-SS officer and collector of fine art Rutger Dahl has been conned into buying one of her copies. 

He's out a cool $200,000. The dealer is tracked down and made to reveal the identity of the artist.

 Dahl finds they have history. He raided her family's farm in war-time France. Yvette violently resisted arrest and Dahl lost an eye in the melee.

He's out for revenge.

A Novella available now

Life & Times of Arnaud Morin


Set in a provincial French town , Arnaud Morin is the unwanted result of a Mayoral daliance with a young local girl. 

The situation sparks a chain of events that could have been orchestrated by the Devil himself. Arnaud grows up unloved, but a talent for Chemistry leads him into a respected profession. 

However, trouble is on the horizon and more extraordinary familial issues ensue.

A Short Story to be published in Summer 2019

The Viewing


Troubled James Lister makes a nostalgia visit to his hometown, he finds his old home is  "For Sale" and curious to see inside, arranges a viewing. He experiences a flashback memory of his father hiding something in the loft and dupes the Estate Agent into giving him further access. He is amazed to discover what was hidden years ago is untouched. Also found is a letter, the content of which he feels honour bound to act on which sends him on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey,that finishes with a life changing choice. 

Available for free:

Heroes and Villains

A Brush with the Enemy

Works in Progress

  • A Cold War story. Dentist Anna Krause escapes to the West, she has something the Stasi want and they have her fiancee in prison. She's offered a deal, but can she trust them? 




Sam Sparks is a retired 999 Ambulance Control Contact Handler. He lives in the South of England.

For thirty years Sam was a Golf Professional and for one year was a member of the European Tournament Players Division. 

His first real job was working for the Ambulance service in 2008. 


Favourite books would include:

"Time and Time Again" and "Two Brothers"  by Ben Elton

"An Officer and a Spy" by Robert Harris.  



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