The Second Bite of the Cherry Anthologies

Release Autumn 2019


The stories in “Second Bite of the Cherry Anthologies” start from the premise that some people would like another chance at life, love or both.  An escape from their circumstances. 

Folk that soldier on in a loveless relationship, trying not to think that life could be different, if only an opportunity would present itself. Those who’ve had life deal them a tough hand for whatever reason. 

Some whose star has fallen, had business failures, victims of circumstance.Perhaps those that would welcome a chance of rekindling a relationship years later. Perhaps just bored and wanting to get out of a rut and start life afresh. 

After all,the vast majority of us are only two or three pay cheques from homelessness. 

It could happen to you, couldn’t it? 

Who wouldn’t like a second bite of the cherry?

Stories dedicated to those would like to believe, that there just could be a second chance. 

How many toil away at their souless jobs at a desk with zero satisfaction. 

And that’s why The Second Bite of the Cherry tastes so much sweeter.